2006_09_subwayseat.jpgLast week, a survey about rude rider behavior on the Long Island Railroad was released (43% hate cellphone conversations!), which is most likely what prompted the Daily News to ask straphangers what they hate about the subways? One person, Sheree McIntosh, brought up three very annoying things:

"Why is it that with both of my pregnancies I can count on both hands how many times I was offered a seat? Why must people talk and/or sing loudly on the train? Why is it okay to clip your fingernails on the train?"

Word. We totally agree, though sometimes it's hard to tell if someone is pregnant (what if they are just big-boned), but it makes us crazy when parents with small children, the disabled, and elderly don't get seats, either. We'd also like to add that our other crazy-making moments are when people sprawl their junk (their bags, their beings) all over, eat very smelly food and block the subway doors. Oh, and the people who try to enter before letting the people off the train.

What do you hate most about other subway riders' behavior? Our hates are common to the Daily News readers, who also list loud music playing as a pain. Mayor Bloomberg hates people who litter; we generally do, except for people who leave their not-snot-filled tabloids papers so we can read them.