This is part of an ongoing collaborative series between Chalkbeat and WNYC/Gothamist reporting the effect of the coronavirus outbreak on how New York students learn and on how educators teach.  

Even if school buildings open this fall, New York City students won’t be walking into a usual school year. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 1 million children in the city will have spent about a third of this school year learning remotely before heading into the summer months. While New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is “increasingly hopeful” that the country’s largest school system will reopen its buildings in September, how schools will manage themselves under these new conditions remains to be seen. 

Chalkbeat and WNYC/Gothamist want to hear from New York students on how they believe schools should work toward re-opening and reigniting in-person learning in the fall. Is this the time to make big structural changes to school? What should next school year look like in terms of academics or social and emotional supports? We’re listening below.  

It always sounds better in your voice. WNYC/Gothamist would like to share your story on the air.  Our question to you: Has this year made you re-think how school could be done differently? How would you like to see schools change?

You can leave your message via voicemail at 646-470-7736, or record yourself on your phone and email the file to (Here’s a guide on how to record yourself.) Your voice might get played on the radio or quoted online. Thanks!