2006_11_phonegarter.jpgFun followup to yesterday's story about the horrors that public school kids face without their cell phones, ever since the Department of Education has cracked down on its cell phone ban. As you might have guessed, public school students are very, very crafty when it comes to sneaking in their cell phones. The Daily News speaks to some students about smuggling in phones:

"It isn't hard for girls at all. We just put the phone in our underwear. If the metal detector goes off, they only search your lower legs and upper body." - Veronica Abreu, 16, from Martin Luther King High School in Manhattan.

- "You take the cell battery out, put it in your book bag, then you stick your phone where the sun don't shine." - Student at Automotive Center and Technical Education High School.

"I put it in my bra area." - 17 year old Jasmine Marshall at John Jay High School in Park Slope.

Not only that, girls will sneak phones in for boys and students will also put the phones in belts, shoes and school scaffolding (we're not sure how the scaffolding thing works, but whatever). Will the DOE propose a full-cavity body?

And many students do have bodegas baby-sit their phones for 50 cents to $1, but some Martin Luther High School kids got unlucky - a bodega employee left with their money AND phones.