2007_08_lightlpoles.jpgThis is exactly the sort of thing we like learning: Many more NYC light poles are found to have stray voltage versus upstate's light poles. The Public Service Commission issued a report with data from Con Ed and other utilities and relayed these reassuring stats from the 2005 and 2006 periods:

  • Hazardous currents found on 176,000 NYC light poles (sampling of 3.5%): 6,000
  • Hazardous currents found on 134,000 upstate light poles: 947

Con Ed defended itself by saying that upstate light poles are made out of wood and that it does inspect its lights a lot for stray voltage. Still, Assemblyman Michael Gianaris tells the Post, "There's always an excuse other than 'we did something wrong.' They are the land of a thousand excuses - anything from a stray bolt of lightning to 'our poles are not made of wood' to whatever."

Apparently the lower part of light poles are now being covered with "nonconducive paint" but we think you better be careful when you tape fliers.

Photograph by bigbabymiguel on Flickr