The City and Department of Health announced results from their study of a Smoke-Free New York City (read the PDF), which show that NYers' dining and drinking environments are better for it, while business is still up. Of course, they had to bring in some bar owners to the press conference to show that there were some from the nightlife industry who support the ban. But Gothamist found this graphic showing that people support the smoking ban 2 to 1 interesting: If Zogby and Quinnipiac are polling people at the times Gothamist has received calls to do Quinnipiac polls, which would be between 6PM and 8PM, then they may be missing the bar-going-drink-guzzling-pack-of-cigs-smoking demographic.

And while it's not quite the potato famine, many Irish are suffering as Ireland imposed a country-wide smoking ban in pubs and workplaces. One smoker complained, "This is the worst idea any Irish government's ever had," while his companion said, "You're talking a load of bollocks, Gerry. This is the greatest day Ireland's ever seen."


Check out the Irish government's site for a smoke-free work environment.