Tourists visiting New York City this year ought to be able to score the ultimate souvenir of a COVID-19 vaccine shot, Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed Thursday.

De Blasio said he’d like the health department to launch a program with vaccination stations at popular tourist sites in Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge Park and around the city, offering Johnson & Johnson's single shot to any visitors. The city can currently only give doses to non-residents that can prove they work or study in the boroughs.

“We want to go the extra mile and make it easy for tourists if they’re here—get vaccinated while you're here. It makes sense to put mobile vaccination sites where the tourists are,” de Blasio said at his press briefing Thursday.

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He’d need the permission of the state, de Blasio acknowledged: “We need the state to alter the rule that will allow us to provide vaccination to folks from out of town, but we think this is a positive message to tourists come here, it's safe, it's a great place to be, and we're gonna take care of you, we're gonna make sure you get vaccinated while you're here."

When asked about how jabbing tourists would work to fight outbreaks, given the stipulation that people aren't considered fully protected until two weeks after their J&J shots, de Blasio said the effort would be "a show of goodwill." He added the city doesn't yet plan to track the vaccine status of tourists as they arrive.

"The fact is, the more people get vaccinated, the better for all of us," de Blasio said. "It's an interconnected country, an interconnected world, and the more people get vaccinated, the better, if people are visiting us here and we have the ability to vaccinate them."

Most capacity restrictions in New York City will be lifted on May 19th, though it's up to venues to decide what measures they want to take for their operations. Broadway, a major driver of tourism, is allowed to reopen at 100% on September 14th.

According to NBC News, at least 18 states have now dropped residency requirements for people seeking vaccines, but New York currently mandates that people must live, work or study in the state to get a dose in their arms.

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Still, de Blasio said if the state approves his plan, the city could open these mobile sites by the weekend.

On Wednesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that unvaccinated visitors to Yankee Stadium and CitiField would be able to get a Johnson & Johnson shot at both stadiums before a game, as well as free tickets to future games: "You're going to the game anyway, it's on your way, stop and get a vaccine," Cuomo said.

An inquiry to the state Department of Health was not immediately answered Thursday.