The Mayor and Schools Chancellor Klein were happy to announce that more city schools were coming off the state's failing list. Though seven schools were added, with only 35 schools on the list, it's a new low for the city. The Mayor touted his education reforms, including new curriculums and promoation polices, as being a factor in the improvement. We'll likely hear the soundbite "Reduced failing schools by 55% from 3 years ago" as the Mayor starts to campaign more aggressively.

Also in the school news, five schools were taken off the most dangerous NYC schools list, including Washington Irving High. A pregnant woman walking along Irving Place was hit on the head by a stool that was thrown out of the school two years ago. With a 43% reduction in major crime, and given the Mayor's school security initiatives, this too will become a statistic the mayor uses a lot this year.

The Post explains how a school can get off the "under registration review" list. And here's a good graphic of what the NYC public school system can get if the settlement that would direct multi-billions from the state to the city goes through.