2006_11_mums.jpgBizarre! Representative Vito Fossella admitted that his brother John was in fact driving a car that almost hit two Asian couples. The incident is extremely bizarre. Yesterday, the Daily News reported that two couples had purchased some chrysanthemums at a florist on Richmond Road in Staten Island last Saturday. A blue Mazda almost hit them, and then the driver got out of the car, chasing the couples with a baseball bat. But the man stopped and returned to his car upon seeing there were others around. (He also ran over the flowers that the couples had dropped on the street.)

People had copied down the license plate number and it turned out the car was registered to Fossella's mother, who denied knowing anything about the story. But John Fossella did have access to the car. The couples' lawyer say they are not pursuing the matter, though they stand by their story, because they do not want to hurt the entire Fossella family: John Luisi said, "One person did something. It's not their intention to harm the rest of the family."

Now sources tell the News that John Fossella will turn himself in on a 1996 violation of NY State liquor laws. Rep. Fossella said, "While I am thankful that no one was hurt, I am also pleased this matter has been resolved and no charges have been filed against any of the parties. I love and support my brother, and it is his responsibility to resolve any outstanding matters with the authorities."