After Saturday-Sunday's big snow storm that hit the East Coast, folks are getting back to their routines as best they can. While the city's roads are relatively cleared up (and schools are open), hundreds of flights have been delayed or cancelled, causing some holiday travelers to panic, thanks to snow dumped at airports—14 inches at JFK, 11 inches at Newark and 9 inches at Laguardia.

The NY Post spoke to Jessica Dude, 26, who was planning on flying to LA: She "sobbed" to the reporter, "I'm going to have Christmas in Brooklyn for the first time... I just don't understand. New York and LA are two really big cities. How are there no flights until Christmas?" And Bonnie Serbaia, a grandmother from San Diego, California who was planning on heading to Paris, was stranded at JFK Airport with her grandson: "Serabia gave [grandson] Thomas the Paris trip as a high school graduation present. But by Sunday morning, the duo said American Airlines officials gave them an unimaginable itinerary for getting there -- fly back to Los Angeles, then catch a plane to London, then heading to Paris."

NYC Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty was pleased with his department's cleanup efforts, "It wasn't as bad as we expected. We were talking 14 to 16 inches. ... We thought it would be worse." Well, it was worse elsewhere: There was record snowfall on Long Island—Upton, NY (where there is a National Weather Service center) got 26.3 inches—and residents and business are still digging themselves out. (There have been quite a few car accidents there.)