The Post has yet another article on how Manhattan apartments are crazy expensive, and people are buying them, even if they're tiny. Douglas Elliman's Manhattan Market Report for the 1994-2003 (PDF here) period shows "the average price for a Gotham apartment was a staggering $872,160 last year - up 93.8 percent from the 1994 average of $450,084; the average price per square foot jumped even more during the same time - 146.7 percent from $278 to a record high of $686 per square foot." This news follows February's report from Corcoran that there is an apartment shortage. But the worst words from the article is a quote from the president of Citi Habitats: "The sales competition has had a tremendously good impact on the rental market." Bah! Damn you, Alan Greenspan, for making interest rates so low that everyone wants to buy! And to think Gothamist was going to name its firstborn after you, so people would tremble at its name!