Despite the impression you may have gotten from Bravo's late "reality" show NYC Prep (has it really been two years?) the world of high end private education in New York is not all rich and white. In fact, a number of New York private schools are working quite hard to try and assure that their student bodies are increasingly diverse...and rich. Take the posh Dalton School, for instance, which happily crows to the Journal today that nearly half of its incoming kindergarten class will be students of color. Which, naturally, has given anxious parents one more thing to worry about when playing the admissions game. Is little Holden ethnic enough?

The change at Dalton (annual tuition, $36,970) has been relatively swift, though the school says the number of students receiving financial aid has remained the same. In 1995, the year before current admissions director Elisabeth "Babby" Krents assumed her position, the kindergarten class was 6 percent diverse. This year the 97-student class will be 47 percent diverse. And Dalton isn't alone. The prestigious all-girls school Brearley says its incoming kindergarten class will be 45 percent diverse.

Along with the move to a more diverse student body the school has had to rethink everything from its before and after school programs (its students now come from a much wider geographical area) to its hallway decorations and school supplies ("The pink flesh-colored crayons have been exchanged for multicultural hues; students can choose from a range of materials to mimic hair textures."). It has also given anxious wealthy white parents another thing to worry about. But, Babby says, that that was inevitable. "You just look for something to blame for why my child didn't get in," she said.

And anyway, the news is good press for the school after a period in which it saw one of its students commit very public suicide and was accused of letting a Supreme Court Justice mess with their student newspaper.