According to the latest census data, New York City's population is nearly as high now as city planners expected it to be in 2020. Which is great news, considering the city's infrastructure has been handling its current demands with aplomb. Right? No? We're doomed.

New York YIMBY reports that the city's 2014 population—a rollicking 8,491,079 people—is only 60,000 people away from 2020's projected population of 8,550,971.

And considering we got 299,226 more transplants from 2010 to 2014, it's more than likely we'll overshoot that projection by quite a bit at the end of this decade, with census estimates expecting an influx of 315,946 people over the next four years. Considering our current dearth of affordable housing, and the daily beehive that is a subway commute—not to mention what Bedford Avenue looks like on a Sunday afternoon—by 2020 we'll all be living inside storage units and crowd-surfing to work.

Or we could move to South Dakota. South Dakota seems cool.