2006_10_cocainedrink.jpgIt took only a few days after "energy drink" Cocaine debuted at Fashion Week parties for local lawmakers to freak out. City Councilman James Sanders of Queens held a press conference and said:There are only two reasons that you would seek to use this infamous and insidious name to market your so-called energy drink. Either you are woefully ignorant of the horrors of cocaine addiction, or your god is the dollar bill, and not even human life is more sacred.”Cocaine the drink prides itself on being more caffeinated than Red Bull - but it's no match for a Starbucks coffee, as Newsday found out. And founder of the company that makes the drink, James Kirby, said, "People know the difference; I don't think people will look at our drink and say, 'Oh, I'm going to buy some real cocaine.' Cocaine is associated with energy, and we're allowed to do this." Obviously Kirby has a drink called "Heroin" in the pipeline that makes you really sedated and not much fun to be around.

Health advocates think the drink is awful - too sugary, too salty, too much caffeine - and City Councilman Larry Seabrook of the Bronx said it was like candy cigarettes, that "caused generations upon generations to become smokers.” Video game makers, watch out!

The Cocaine Energy Drink website lists where you can buy the drink in NY and LA, and promises it'll be available on Amazon soon. (Watch the pols try to stop that, too.)