Donkey Kong’s new world champion was raised in NY AND he’s a plastic surgeon! Hank Chien—who made it to the “kill screen” in just 2 hours, 35 minutes, racking up 1,061,700 points—became devoted to the game after watching the documentary King of Kong. “Before then, I only played 1 game of Donkey Kong in my entire life—that was in 2006. I remember not being able to pass the first board and thinking this game stinks,” he told But after training hard for over a year, the 35-year-old set the record in his home, taping the game so that officials could verify his scores. The champion admits that there were some obstacles along the way: “the holidays, work and women—oops—a woman.” Well he better brace for more obstacles, because arcade game mastery is catnip to the ladies.