A New York-based photographer is suffering through a prolonged panic attack after leaving his backpack, containing his only copy of photos from a recent wedding gig, on a downtown B train on Monday. According to a statement on his Facebook page, photographer Kurt Sneddon says he allowed himself to become "distracted and overwhelmed" on the train, subsequently forgetting his backpack containing the memory card and the hard drive storing the photos.

The last 48 hrs have been the worst of my life. I was entrusted to photograph a wedding and I’ve fucked up beyond measure. The short version of the story is that I allowed myself to be distracted and overwhelmed to the point of leaving a backpack containing the only copy of the wedding photos on a NYC subway train. This post however is not intended to gain sympathy or indeed anything other than helping us recover this grey THULE backpack, left on a downtown B train around 11am on Sept 18. Thank you.

Sneddon admits he "fucked up beyond measure," and is urging fellow New Yorkers and Facebook good Samaritans alike to help him find the missing backpack. There's a $2,000 reward for the safe return of the memory cards and hard drive, and anyone with information is encouraged to contact Sneddon at 917-826-4838. (It's unclear who the couple is, but we would love to hear their reaction to this debacle.)

A photo of the missing poster, posted on Reddit, has elicited more than 200 comments. Some users urged Sneddon and the couple to have a little faith:

Others were decidedly less optimistic:

Anyway, if you find these photos, let us know too, because Gothamist is entitled to 25% of the reward for letting everyone know about it.