2008_11_nornc.jpgThe city is not only settling lawsuits against the police during the Republican National Convention--the city also settles lawsuits against certain civilians! According to the NY Times, last week the city's legal department paid $55,000 to settle a lawsuit from June Brashares. Brashares, the Code Pink protester who interrupted President Bush's speech (she was charged and found not guilty of charges like disorderly conduct, harassment and assault), sued because she was tackled and dragged by convention volunteers. The city paid up because of "indemnification agreement" where the city agreed to pay for defending any lawsuit naming the RNC. And apparently St. Paul took note and made the RNC take out an insurance policy "covering up to $10 million in damages for civil rights violations by the police, to avoid saddling taxpayers with legal costs." Photo: ireallylovecake on Flickr