The sound of many packets of Zantac being opened you hear is the sound coming from the NYC 2012 Olympic bid team. The International Olympic Committee is reviewing the NYC - and London - bids to see if, as the NY Times puts it, organizers "overstepped ethical bounds by making late offers of financial incentives to athletes and sports federations involved in the 2012 Games." Dunh dunh dunh! The Mayor, along with others on the NYC 2012 team, presented the NYC bid in Berlin, promising free marketing, office space, you name it, if the Olympics came to NYC. The problem is that these new incentives were presented after the official bids were submitted months ago, and that's against the rules. The NY Times reports that the London team "offered free airfare, restaurant discounts and other perks to Olympic athletes and team offcials." Both NYC's and London's Olympic bid teams claim their bids submitted in November refer to these perks, except now they happen to be more fleshed out. Hmm. Gothamist suspects that Paris might come out ahead, considering that Spain hosted the Olympics in 1992 and Moscow in 1980.

Some other potentially bad and annoying news for the NYC Olympic bid: The state might take longer to review the West Side Stadium bid, one of the cornerstones in the city's Olympic plan, because of all the litigation. Here's the city's Olympic bid site. And Gothamist on the NYC 2012 bid and how New Yorkers are kinda meh about having the Olympics here (but keep in mind New Yorkers can be meh about a lot of stuff).