It's going to cost the city about $1 million per day to provide President-elect Trump with an adequate security detail every time he's in New York—and since he's decided to be a part-time president, he'll be here quite a lot, lucky us! But many New Yorkers are not super thrilled their taxpayer dollars will be wasted on this fucking guy, and now City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and Council Member Dan Garodnick have introduced a petition asking Trump to reimburse the city for his costs.

The petition, which you can sign online, calls on Trump to use federal funds to cover his security detail, citing a potential NYC taxpayer burden of over 1 billion dollars over the next four years. "We already stretch our municipal budget to provide basic services— like police, sanitation, and the education of 1.1 million public school students. These services would suffer if we must divert funds to police protection," the petition reads.

Moreover, the petition points out that Melania Trump's decision to stay in Trump Tower while their son, Barron, finishes school, will add an undue burden on local taxpayers, since it will require round-the-clock security that would otherwise be funded by the federal government in Washington, DC:

Further, should you or your family members choose to reside in Trump Tower for any length of time following your inauguration, the cost of security for that time also should be borne by the federal government. While NYPD is both equipped and able to participate in ensuring your and your family’s protection, we must not allow this cost to blow a massive hole in New York City’s budget.

Of course, it's possible Trump really does not care that he's costing us so much cash—it must be delicious revenge on all those snooty Manhattanites who laughed at him on Election Day! Plus, now he gets to collect rent from the Secret Service, what a boon!

Mark-Viverito points out that Trump hasn't even said thank you. "Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked the values that represent New York City, while simultaneously drawing upon its resources without appreciation or acknowledgement,” she said in a statement. “His refusal to base transition operations out of the nation’s capital has placed an unprecedented financial and logistical strain on our city and its first responders, and it is simply unsustainable." The petition doesn't even address the traffic nightmare that'll envelop Trump Tower for the next four years, but you've gotta pick your battles in this political era.

Chances of Trump addressing this petition earnestly are nil, but he'll probably tweet something about whiny City Councilfolk soon.