In 2008, the New York State Department of Health announced that NYC won the coveted title for best-tasting drinking water in New York, which vindicated our tap when we came in 2nd earlier that year during an unscientific blind taste testing. But while many of us don't even feel the need to filter our water through a Brita, we don't actually have The Best tasting water according to some people. No, that title has just been handed to Stevens Point, Wisconsin (pop. 25,000).

The Wall Street Journal reports that we did, however, come in 2nd—the highest honor the city has received at the American Water Works Association’s annual contest—where winners are declared following taste-test competitions. The NYC Environmental Protection Commissioner Cas Holloway declared: “[this] confirms a fact that locals have known for decades: New York City water is simply the best.” Er, simply the 2nd best.

Bet you can't make a good bagel with any Wisconsin water, though... plus, who knows what kind of unsophisticated palettes were judging this thing.