For years, Travel & Leisure has awarded New York the title of the Rudest City in America, and while that's not quite accurate, coming in first is always a win. This year, though, the magazine has decided to knock us down not one, but two spots on the list, because the only thing ruder than calling us rude is claiming that two lesser cities have bested us at anything.

Indeed, Travel & Leisure claims New York lost its coveted title because of "the mild winter that kept locals chipper," or because tourists have discovered we aren't actually running around breaking good Samaritan laws like the historical documents suggest. Either way, we've been edged out first by Phoenix (#2), a place prone to fits of rage thanks to heatstroke, and Miami (#1), which is a city that certainly has some nice moments but is also a destination for drunken Justin Bieber drag racing.

It is important to point out, of course, that Travel & Leisure once claimed we were the filthiest city in all the land, either because they have some kind of grudge against us or because they're based in New York and once got hit in the face with a trash bag in Bushwick. Their rudeness rankings are also completely off, considering Boston doesn't even crack the top 15, and Boston is a city where natives will glare at you if you dare set foot in their neighborhood bar even if you've lived down the block for a decade. There are plenty of cities in which people are nice to tourists because these out-of-towners confine themselves to the Freedom Trail and spend money on stupid snowglobes—in New York, someone might be rude to you if you start a hotel fire or take up both sides of the escalator, but for the most part, people will treat you with respect:

Unless, of course, you subject passersby to your subpar trumpet practice. You're no artist, you're a disgrace:

Travel & Leisure's readers are also sociopaths, as evidenced by a person who told the publication he enjoys speaking to strangers on the NYC subway. "[A]s a tourist, I say ‘Hi’ first, and a big smile goes a long way," he said "You get back what you give."

Most certainly, sir.