2006_01_headoftheclass.jpgIt's that time of year again - when the semi-finalists are the Intel Science Talent Search are announced! The NY Times says that NY State "dominated" the list, with 140 students coming from the Empire State - and there are only 300 semi-finalists total. While Long Island's Ward Melville High had 12 semi-finalists (tied for the most with Montgomery Blair in Maryland), we looked at the NY State breakdown and think we found 24 semi-finalists from Brooklyn, Bronx and Manhattan combined. (If our count is wrong, tell us - we know you love telling us when we're wrong!) Looking at the public schools, there were six from Bronx Science, one from Brooklyn Tech, two from Murrow, one from James Madison, three from Midwood, two from Hunter, and eight from Stuyvesant. It's probably good times at Stuy, if only to love beating Bronx Science in another way.

Last year, there were no Stuyvesant students in the finals, which was cause for crying and a Daily News article about whether or not the elite public school was slipping. But a Stuy student did win the contest (back when it was the Siemens Westinghouse) in 2003.