Yesterday, the NYC Medical Examiner's Office announced that it had identified the 1,629th victim from the September 11, 2001 attacks at the World Trade Center. Using a DNA sample, the ME's office confirmed remains belonged to Ernest James, a 40-year-old Harlem resident, had been an IT employee at Marsh & McClennan.

James' fiancee Monique Keyes told WCBS 2 that James worked on the night shift, on the 88th floor of the North Tower, and he "would normally call her every morning at the end of his shift." She said, “When I couldn’t reach him, I pretty much, deep inside, knew," and added, "He just loved to make you laugh.”

NYC ME's office spokeswoman Ellen Borakove told City Room, "As long as there is technology available, doctors have made a promise that we would continue to try to identify people." There are 2,753 victims from the 9/11 WTC attacks so far (some survivors who later died of lung disease have been added to the list).