The city is considering a ban on pet bunnies, thanks to hoards of shortsighted pet owners who buy up the fuzzy munchkins by the bushel before promptly tiring of them, dumping them at shelters or, you know, just on the side of the road.

The problem of Too Many Rabbits is further compounded by the fact that they're frequently sold in pairs, and often, those pairs are unwittingly male/female. (The Post posits that it's "hard to determine the gender" of baby rabbits, though according to Google, not as hard as some other creatures like...humans.)

A bill outlawing sale of the animate fur lumps saw its second public hearing on Monday, though it's just one facet of a larger bill that would ban pet shops from buying dogs from the infinitely evil puppy mills, in addition to more rigid requirements for dog licensing and strengthening the city's enforcement powers over pet stores.

The potential ban, which was appended to the bill two weeks ago, would not impact current rabbit owners—the goal is only to curb the endless tide of new rabbits, which city facilities cannot accommodate.

“Rabbits are the third most commonly surrendered animal in city shelters following dogs and cats,” Christine Mott, head of the Bar Association’s Committee on Animal Law, told the tabloid. “They’re frequently dumped in city parks and brought to city shelters. There’s simply not enough room.”

And to the Jonathan Swift-minded among you, don't even bother. We've already determined that America is unable to separate the braised rabbit available at Glasserie with the subject of so many "omg, LOOK AT THIS" inter-office Gchats. No but seriously, look at this.