For those who decide to have their babies in hospitals, in most cases, the second most important person after the mother is the maternity ward nurse. The maternity ward nurse is the one who checks on the mother regularly, and a great maternity ward nurse can make the delivery much easier. Which is why Buzzfeed's interview with a NYC maternity ward nurse is fascinating—and not for the queasy!

The unnamed nurse works at a "well-known" hospital and describes the difficulties that arise—"You get baby daddy drama sometimes — the boyfriend is there while she’s delivering and the husband will be downstairs"—and says that Beyonce and Jay-Z's takeover of Lenox Hill Hospital "would not have flown" at her hospital. She also describes the issues that come with serving one part of the population with very specific customs:

The religious Jews tend to be difficult. Sometimes they come in with their whole gowns because if they’re really, really religious they can’t expose their skin to their husbands and you can’t work with those things in the delivery room, and they don’t get it! So it’s like, can you relinquish that shit for now so I can take care of you? They can’t expose their arms to their husbands so obviously the vagina is like a whole new level.

We had a patient the other day, very very Orthodox — he wouldn’t even make eye contact with his own wife. He would come in with his head down, staring at the floor — he probably couldn’t even describe me, always staring at the floor. I never once saw him look at her. He was on the other side of the curtain as much as possible.

Sidenote: Jewish females have been trying to join the all-male Jewish ambulance corps Hatzolah, noting that in emergency calls about labor or gynecological issues, "It’s quite unfortunate that it’s been the case when seven or eight men have responded to a woman in labor call,” she said. “If birth is imminent, that’s how many people are watching. And it’s a very, very troubling situation for a woman."

As the kicker, the nurse describes the miracle of childbirth...while the mother is pooping. (It happens!)