Yesterday, the city remembered those lost in the September 11, 2001 attacks at the World Trade Center with a ceremony at Zuccotti Park. A victims' relative said, after reading some of the victims' names, "I love you, and if love could have saved all of these people, then everybody would live forever."

Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden joined Mayor Bloomberg, NY Governor David Paterson, NJ Governor Chris Christie, and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani at the event. Bloomberg said, "We have returned to this sacred site to join our hearts together with the names of those we loved and lost. No other public tragedy has cut our city so deeply. No other place is filled with our compassion, our love and our solidarity," and referred to the rebuilding effort, "It is with the strength of these emotions, as well as the concrete, glass and steel that is brought in day by day, that we will build on the footprints of the past the foundation of the future." And Biden quoted Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, "The structure that we raze, time is with materials filled. Our todays and yesterdays are blocks with which we build."

Mourners were allowed to go to the site of the future National 9/11 Memorial and Museum, where two temporary pools were situated, giving them a place to write messages and lay flowers. Relatives told NY1 that the pain was still there, "It's still hard, you know? It's like yesterday. You just think about it and all the disaster that's going on, but you just keep them in your heart," and "The amount, the depth of the pain is still so evident nine years later. And really, I think it will never change, never change for those of us who have lost loved ones."