A Brooklyn resident pleaded not guilty to shooting a man in the basement of a Harvard dorm on Monday. Jabrai Jordan Copny, who is the son of a retired NYPD officer, is being held without bail for the murder of Justin Cosby. According to Boston authorities, Cosby was selling drugs to Harvard students and was at the Kirkland House dorm with marijuana and money; the Boston Globe reports, "Three men traveled to Cambridge from New York City with the intention of robbing Cosby." Middlesex County DA Gerald Leone said, "It was that encounter between the four men that went bad. The common denominator that led to the intent to rip-off Justin Cosby of both money and drugs was that Justin and Jordan were known to each other through Harvard students." Copny surrendered last night while the two other suspects are at large. Copney's mother told the Daily News, "My son is not a murderer. He was raised very well and is very respectful. My son wasn't into drugs, my son wasn't into being a thug...The truth will come out."