A downtown Manhattan resident was arrested for animal cruelty, after his family's dogs died on their overheated SUV over the weekend. Yu Inamoto, 41, turned himself into police on Tuesday after a witness alerted the police about the incident.

Inamoto and his family were attending the Dutchess County Balloon Festival on Saturday, and apparently left dogs Kimchi and Tofu in their car. The witness, Barbara Rice, noticed him return to the car and open the trunk, only to find the unresponsive dogs. Rice told WCBS 2, "I was shocked. I did the best I can, I stood in front of the truck, took his picture. I ran to the police."

Apparently it was 85 degrees in the car and the dogs may have been in there for an hour. Rice said, "He had just happened to open the vehicle and I just happened to look, and I saw him shaking a dog and the dog was not moving, and I knew immediately, I said, ‘That dog’s been in this car the whole time!'" She added, "I saw them take some bottled water and put it on the dog, at that point they saw me." Then they drove off.

The ASPCA notes (PDF), "On an 85º day, it only takes ten minutes for the inside of your car to reach 102º, even when the windows have been left open an inch or two. Within 30 minutes, the car’s interior can reach 120º. When the temperature outside is a pleasant 70º, the inside of your car may be as much as 20 degrees hotter."

Rice shared the photograph, which included the car's license plate, with police, who then found it registered to an address in NYC. According to the Daily Freeman, "Inamoto brought the dogs to a local emergency animal hospital, but they did not survive, police said. After being contacted by police, Inamoto 'fully cooperated' with the investigation, they said."

Inamoto nor his wife commented, but she wrote on her blog, "For all those wonderful years you were with us. You were the best dogs anyone could had asked for!!! You were our first babies and will never ever forget you. Luca said, you are on your way to the sky to play together in the clouds. You will always be in our hearts…"

Rice said, "I have to say that they did look upset, and I understand that, but it was plain stupid."