2008_12_dreier.jpgA "high-living" and "prominent" Manhattan lawyer whose clients include Jon Bon Jovi was arrested by Canadian authorities. Marc Dreier, of Dreier LLP, was charged with impersonating "another lawyer on Tuesday at the offices of a large Canadian pension fund," according to the NY Times (which calls the arrest "bizarre"). See, Dreier went to the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, claiming to be a different lawyer (even had his business card), but an OTPP employee knew the lawyer Dreier was impersonating, so the cops were called. Dreier, who has been under investigation for possible fraudulent activity, is out on bail; his lawyer said, "No money passed, no money is missing and no money was ever missing." But Dreier's 250-employee law firm is crumbling: The WSJ's Law Blog reports that the head of the bankruptcy department told client he and other bankruptcy lawyers were leaving and would start their own firm.