Programming note: This is the last “Afternoon Addition” (for now!). James Ramsay, the brains behind these link round-ups, will return from his well-deserved vacation on Tuesday with “Early Addition” and “Extra Extra.”

Congrats, you’ve made it to Labor Day weekend! We did it!!! Let’s start it off right with some links:

  • A study – which, to be clear, gathered its findings from analyzing “community-related Tweets” – concluded that New York City is home of the most stressful commutes in America, with Jersey City not far behind. Surprised? As Time Out New York puts it “we certainly feel this is deserved.” Many commuters are grappling with a controversial plan to add tolls for drivers into Manhattan, others feel unsafe (though transit crimes are roughly the same as in 2019), and as of May staff shortages were causing thousands of subway delays every month.
  • Now let’s add to that commuting stress: As is tradition, the MTA has lots of planned subway work over the long weekend. (If you’ve ever wondered why this is always a thing, here’s a fun lil video explaining how they get 44% more work complete over a 3-day weekend vs. a 2-day weekend.)
  • Unless you are coming from east of the Crescent Street J station, trains to Bushwick shouldn't be impacted by the service disruptions. So why not spend this final summer vacation near the Queens border in the neighborhood Grub Street describes as “like amusement-park Brooklyn”? (Quick note about this link: while “it may seem as if nobody in Bushwick works at all,” someone earns their living wage typing these very words from their apartment in Bushwick.)
  • For the first time in nearly a decade, misdemeanor arrests have increased in New York City, jumping 25% in the first six months of Mayor Eric Adams' administration, Bloomberg reports. “These are often cases that are minor violations — sleeping on a park bench, taking up two seats on the subway — it cycles people through the criminal justice system,” Eliza Orlins, a public defender with the Legal Aid Society, told Bloomberg.
  • Earlier today, Hurricane Danielle became the first of the 2022 season, but the storm does not present an immediate threat to land. However, there are two other disturbances to watch currently brewing in the Atlantic, per the National Hurricane Center.
  • Papa Johns has recently debuted pizza… bowls? Reportedly, they are terrible.
  • Speaking of pizza, several items on this list of 40 things you (allegedly) would never hear a New Yorker say have to do with pizza.
  • Yesterday U.S. federal agents searched properties in Manhattan, the Hamptons, and a Miami Island which are all linked to Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • There is a new postmaster heading up mail service in Brooklyn, a borough which apparently ranks third in the country for most efficient mail delivery.
  • Could this guy be the next Tinder Swindler?