2006_10_bradrolwill.jpgOn Friday, NYC freelance journalist Bradley Roland Will was killed while covering a protest in Oaxaca. Will had been reporting on the human rights violations in Mexico for IndyMedia, and it seems that plainclothes paramilitary opened fire on a crowd of protesters. Will was shot in abdomen and died at a Red Cross Hospital; two others were killed and Will's photographer Oswaldo Ramirez was injured.

Oaxaca has been filled with protesters for the past five months after the the governor Ulises Ruiz tried to break up a teachers' union protest, but that drew leftists and others to help the teachers' protest. Friday's violence, though, has moved Mexican President Vincente Fox to bring in the federal riot police.

Will was a well-known activist in the city; he was among a group of squatters at 537-539 East Fifth Street who won a settlement from the city. Yesterday, his friends held a vigil for him outside the Mexican Consulate in Midtown; a demonstration is planned outside the consulate (27 East 39th Street) for Monday at 9AM.


Here are more details about Will's death from visualresistance and Narco News. And here are IndyMedia's archives about Will.

Photograph of Bradley Roland Will's ID by Eduardo Verdugo/AP; photograph of a vigil outside the Mexican Consulate by Erin Siegal / Rine