Far West Side sketch

NYC and NY State are looking to announce plans to build a stadium, renovate Javits, and develop the West Side tomorrow. The plans' costs would be funded by the city and state ($600 million each), a temporary hotel tax ($500 million), the Jets ($800 million), and other private sources, the centerpiece being a $1.4 billion Jets stadium. After a lot of back and forth between the city and state, many feel that the announcement signals that Bloomberg and Pataki are on the same page. While there has been a lot of opposition to the project, NYC has made it clear that improving the Javits Center and making it attractive as a convention destination (it's currently 18th in the country in size) is a priority. The proposed Jets stadium has also taken into account many of the complaints, and the design will be flexible enough to accomodate a variety of needs ("conventions, trade shows, meetings and plenary sessions, as well as concerts and other sporting events").

Gothamist on the initial plans.