Remember the crazy incident where some Virginia high school students threw cans of paint from a 17th floor hotel roof at a police precinct on East 52nd? And then the three kids got reprimanded from their school? Well, it seems that the principal from one of the students' schools planned to take more students to NYC - but to do volunteer work as a way to "make amends to the hotel and police station, according to The Roanoke Times. The only thing is that Principal David Bevins hasn't been able to find a service project for June 16, even though the deposits on a hotel (not the Doubletree where the kids stayed last time) and a van for 29 students has already been paid. He asked the Doubletree, which said the kids would probably violate union rules, and the police prencinct, which said the station is undergoing renovations, so officers are working out of trailers that don't need to renovated - or else they could have helped out there. Bevins says most volunteer organizations would rather have money or are already booked; he also tried to contact Mayor Bloomberg via the city's website, but he hasn't heard from him yet (good luck - we emailed him three years ago to no avail!). Can any readers think of good projects for the Hidden Valley High School students?

We wonder if the kids are still using the we're artists, thus we must throw paint cans defense.