2006_06_dailynews.JPGThe NYPD may be slashing its work force, but the FBI announced that NYC is once again the safest big city, while crime is rising in other cities across the country. Some stats for 2005: Overall crime dropped 4.3%, versus a 1.1% drop across the country, and violent crime fell 1.9% in NYC, versus a 2.5% increase in the country. But officials didn't want to make any promises about "lowest murder rate ever," as the murder rate seems to be creeping up slightly (though it'll still be near historical lows). What we're curious about is why, for its crime stats story, the Daily News used a photo of the city skyline with the World Trade Center in it.

Anyway, nine more dangerous cities than the us: Dallas, Detroit, Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, San Diego, and LA.