Travel + Leisure, the magazine that loves to hate New York City, is back at the Big Apple baiting game. Not content to keep calling us rude, the magazine has gone and polled its online readers (they say!) so as to have an excuse to call us the filthiest city in all the land. We have no clue where they could have gotten that idea! None whatsoever!

Sure, T+L also says we've got the number one world landmark but apparently you can barely see Lady Liberty across the harbor what with the mounds of urine-doused dog shit, soda cans and cigarette butts lining the waterfront, right? I mean, that is clearly what the 50 million tourists who visited last year saw and told their family about, right?

Maybe not! Though you might not believe it, the Department of Sanitation actually says [PDF] that this year we've 95.5 percent acceptably clean streets—which is way up from 1980 when we had 53 percent clean streets!

And in case you were curious: Following NYC in the dirty top five are New Orleans, Baltimore, LA and Atlanta.