Mayor Bloomberg, you did it. With the crazy taxes on packs of cigarettes, free nicotine patches, and smoking bans in bars, the number of adult smokers in New York City dropped by 11%. Now, people will just live and rue your name longer. Additionally, there's a reported 13% drop in consumption from smokers, the assumption being that smokers are smoking less. Some people, from tobacco companies to some local politicians, doubt that the figures from the Bloomberg administration show declines that steep, since the Mayor and his crew would want to push their agenda. Gothamist liked how Dr. Steven A. Schroeder, from UC San Francisco, called the mayor's measures a "perfect trifecta" - "raising taxes very steeply, making it harder to smoke indoors, and promoting cessation, so you would expect a dramatic result." Trifecta, yes. Winning the 2005 election, who knows. More results about the drop in city smoking from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Mayor Bloomberg is also supportive of the effort to increase the legal smoking age from 18 to 19. He said, "I've done what I think I can to discourage smoking in this city...It hadn't occurred to me that they would raise the age." Whatever. Gothamist never knew of anyone running out for big smoking parties when we turned 18. It was smoking stale cigarettes under the bleachers in middle school all the way.