Mayor Bloomberg really wants construction on the Jets Stadium (aka the NY Sports and Convention Center) to start by the spring on the West Side, to better help NYC's chances of landing the Olympics, not to mention resolve the whole West Side development thing. Even though the Mayor said he might might might consider developing in Queens, Mayor Bling emphasized that having the stadium and a new convention center together (in Manhattan) would be the best economical decision. City Council Speaker, and mayoral hopeful, Gifford Miller said, "I don't understand why the Olympics would care if the stadium is here or in Queens." Now, Gothamist knows that Giff needs to say that because he needs Queens constituents and unions to back him, but when he says stuff like that, Gothamist feels he's a huge dope. It's pretty clear why the International Olympic Committee would want the stadium in Manhattan - the excitement and energy of being in the center of the greatest city in the world. When people think of New York City, they tend to think of Manhattan first.

As for our fine city's support of the Olympics, it's generally positive, with 59%, but it turns out that's tepid compared to other cities. NYC 2012 estimated public support to be 64-79% (wishful thinking!), the IOC poll found only 59% support. In other candidate cities, the IOC found 68% in London, 91% in Madrid (even higher than what Madrid's 2012 committee found), 85% in Paris (8% higher than Paris 2012 found), and 76-77% in Moscow. This is so going to Madrid or Paris. And the city's support of the Mayor seems to be faulting because of West Side Stadium, making Gothamist realize if you want to flame out, you might as well flame out big.

And speaking about NYC support, have you seen the NYC 2012 spoofs from 2012 Land Grabs?