New York magazine tries to estimate the impact of Mayor Bloomberg's ideas, actualized and proposed, on the city. They look at last summer's Republican National Convention, The Gates, and the Olympics, factoring in cost, purported benefit, the disruption factor, etc. The Mayor does seem hellbent into making NYC the world's "second home," but Gothamist hope that this still means, if he's reelected, that even if we don't these projects, he'll make sure the city is great as possible, as it's millions' first and only home. If Bloomberg would like to win another term, Gothamist thinks he should buy all New Yorker's another home, so we can say NYC is our second home, too.

And speaking of the city's terrible slogan, the NY Times asked our own Tien Mao for his thoughts on the matter since he wrote the post on it the other week. Also queried: Big Apple and other NYC phrase guru Barry Popik.

Photo of Mayor Bloomberg in someone's first home by Edward Reed, New York City