2007_05_citytraf.jpgWhen it comes to road rage, New York City ranks second, after Miami, according to a survey from an automobile club. We don't know if we should be proud or ashamed that we moved up from the three position!

We assume that we can credit drivers from other states, as well as resident NYers in helping us reach #2. The rest of the cities with rudest drivers: Boston at 3, LA at 4, and DC at 5. The most polite city is Seattle-Tacoma. Twenty-five metropolitan areas were included in the survey, and an average of 100 people were asked about things like running red lights, slamming on brakes, cell phone chatting, tailgating, etc.

Newsday finds some humor in the survey, "Now, when New Yorkers retire to Miami chances are they'll feel right at home." Hmm, NYC traffic may be a bear, but after a recent trip to Miami, we seriously doubt that Miami drivers actually know how to drive. Our personal favorite road-rage inducers are construction, double/triple-parked cars, street festivals and cars that turn on red. And we'd be curious how a non-driver - as in pedestrians, bicyclists, you name it - yelling at cars or the backseat-driver road rage survey (impatient taxi fares) - we bet NYC would come in at #1!

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Photograph appropriately titled "into the belly of the beast" by lachance on Flickr