Travel & Leisure readers have voted New York the country's #1 city/destination for the fourth straight year. This confirms everything we knew about New York, as well as explains the teeming number of tourists we see on the weekend. Other cities in the top ten (which includes Canadian cities) are San Francisco, Quebec City, Charleston, SC, Santa Fe, Vancouver, Chicago, New Orleans, Victoria, B.C., and Montreal. The Trump International Hotel & Tower is the city's #1 hotel and #6th nationwide. The Trump International is a lovely hotel, but Gothamist will always remember it, though, as where Trump built his love nest with Marla Maples (amazing three-story windows from the penthouse with sweeping views; he's sinced moved back to Trump Tower) and where Harrison Ford moved after he separated from ex-wife Melissa Mathison.

New York takes 6th in the world after Sydney, Rome, Florence, Bangkok and Cape Town. Gothamist does enjoy the graphic from Travel & Leisure for their whole World's Best section.