2007_02_trianglehouse.jpgNew Yorkers wishing to buy a home, there's a sort of depressing NY Times about how January housing sales show a hot real estate market in the city in 2007. There are bidding wars, busy open houses, and Wall Street bonuses to contend with. And while there's "cautious exuberance" about a better real estate market for sellers and brokers in 2007, the Times reports "for January, at least, both prices and the number of signed contracts rose in double-digit percentages compared with the same month in 2006."

Blogger Mihow offered yet another "story of the wild real estate market" with this photograph of a home in Brooklyn:

This house is for sale in our hood. It's shaped like a triangle, which is fine and all. But here's the deal. It's being sold for just under 700 thousand dollars and the ad specifies: "Needs to be gutted and entirely redone."

I find it mind blowing that people will buy a place for that much money and not actually be able to move into it.

The hell?

And before you can ask "How is it a triangle?", Mihow explains, "It's a triangle, basically. The right hand side angles back to meet the back."

Photograph of the triangle house by mihow on Flickr