2005_09_katrinalemonade.jpgNew Yorkers are reacting to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in a number of ways. Shipments of supplies have headed to the region, and firefighters with disaster training have gone to help as well. However, there are the realities what Hurricane Katrina has done to impact resources: City taxi drivers, hurting under the high gas prices, are lobbying for a surcharge of $1.50 for rides while gas prices are $2-4 or a surcharge of $2 if prices go above $4.

While the Red Cross and Humane Society are places people can donate money, there have been other grassroots attempts emerging: The Apiary has a list of comedy shows whose proceeds will go to Katrina victims. And they are also devising ways to raise money; NY1 featured a little Upper West Side girl who set up a lemonade stand, selling 50 cent cups and making $45 yesterday. The Mayor just announced the city's relief efforts, which include sending a team of search and rescue workers and starting fundraising for them; read more here.

Additionally, September is the National Preparedness Month and the city has tips on how to be prepared at home, work and school.