Well, our government has a fever for a convention, that is. Mayor Bloomberg, not content with just one convention under his mayoral belt, is looking to land both the 2008 Republican and Democratic conventions. Even Senator Schumer said he'd support another Republican powwow in 2008, noting its economic impact (the city only made $3 million after all the bills were paid, but there was $250 million in economic activity). Frankly, Gothamist is surprised that the RNC asked NYC to submit a bid, after the warm reception it received last time, but maybe the RNC wants to tussle with blue-city folk again. While a city like New Orleans might be attractive to both parties, if the plans go according to schedule, there should be significant construction progress made at the World Trade Center (though no Freedom Tower), which is perfect for photo ops.

Would you want another convention here? Or would you rent out your place to convention goers?

Photograph from Jake Dobkin