Ex-model Andrea Logan has been homeless since 2006, when she lost her Upper East Side apartment following a debilitating stroke, and a state law has required the city to cover the cost of her small empire of storage units—until recently Logan, 54, had 11 of them, packed with all sorts of miscellaneous stuff, according to court documents obtained by the NY Post. All told, the city has paid an estimated $200,000 to store her belongings over the years.

Logan is legally blind as a result of the stroke, and after spending time in various shelters, she says she she's been crashing with friends or squatting in abandoned buildings for the past four years. But last year officials finally balked at paying for her 11 storage units, prompting Logan to sue the city in Manhattan Supreme Court. She finally reached a deal with city and state agencies to pare down her stuff to just three units in a Bronx storage facility. According to the Post, that's costing taxpayers $1,297 a month, which is at lower than the $3,585 a month the city was previously paying.

"There’s so much stuff that I wouldn’t even know where to begin," Logan tells the tabloid. "The most critical and valuable things are the irreplaceable items — documents from medical-malpractice and personal-injury cases, personal family documents, photographs and mementos." But she also has "hundreds of cartons of books," furniture, and "10 to 12 brooms. You name it, it's there: soup to nuts."

The city has declined to comment on Logan's arrangment, citing privacy issues.