According to the latest figures from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, New York City ranks as the 9th highest per capita income in the country. The metro (NYC, northern NJ, and Long Island) NYC region's average salary is $40,899, vs. the national average of $31,472. The NY Post makes a point of saying how "New Yorkers are way behind their neighbors to the northwest in the stately suburbs surrounding Stamford, Conn., whose $60,803 per capita income was tops in the nation." Oh, please, everyone knows that's where the i bankers with families move. San Francisco is second, with a salary of just over $46,000, while southern Jersey is 7th. What Gothamist finds funny about stats like these is that people suddenly worry, "Hey, why isn't my city making more?" but there are probably lots of salary not being reported. We're going to try to dig around for more info, as we couldn't find the exact report. And it's not like anyone's beating down a path to Stamford.