2007_01_airportluggage.jpgIn less than shocking news, New York City had the worst airport delays in the whole country. Not only are Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark airports very crowded, bad weather was also a factor making 2006 a record year for airport delays.

At LaGuardia, planes were delayed at least 15 minutes 31.6% of the time (between January and November 2006); JFK flights were delayed 27.7% of the time; and Newark had 33.5% delays - making it the most delayed airport in the country. Of all the airports looking forward to the Port Authority's Stewart Airport lease, it's probably Newark who wants it the most.

You know what can also delay you? Not having your passport on some trips - this past week, the government required all people traveling between Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Bermuda to have their passports. This may also count if you're driving back from Canada.

Photograph of a traveler at LaGuardia by La Mariposa on Flickr