NYC's population is growing - at least that's what the U.S. Census says. The news seems to reflect that NYC is still attractive to live in (Manhattan had over 9,000 new residents between 2002 and 2003), although various authorities on counting people debate whether this not-like-the-usual-census check by the Census data holds up. Professor Andrew Beveridge of Queens College, the Times' census/demographic consultant, mentions interesting things:

- Brooklyn's and Queens' populations declined
- Taking all trends (international immigration, domestic migration), "What this is saying is that New York's really rapid growth of the 1990's seems to have ended or abated."
- Babies contributed to the population growth

Judging by all the baby strollers, baby papooses, and baby stores creeping everywhere, Gothamist would have to agree. For any new residents, this is what you need to know about New York: You can't smoke in bars, our mayor is a billionaire, taxi fares will increase next month, finding the next new restaurant is a big deal (whether they are good or not), the Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch, and all the cool kids live below 14th Street or in Brooklyn.


: All this talk of NYC's population growing or declining (and zombies) made Gothamist remember that brokentype is publishing a serial novels about zombies in New York City, Monster Island. We can only hope that this will uncover some of the secrets behind the bodies in the East River.