Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced that a Homeland Security representative would be placed in New York in order for the police and feds to have "one voice." This move is seen as a way to address the should we freak out or not subway threat two weeks ago. Hmm, a couple months on the job and finally he realizes there needs a rep in one of the country's biggest possible terror targets - nice thinking! Chertoff will also place a representative in LA, but Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco - they just don't make the cut, probably because the DHS wants to control the media. Anyway, the Police Commissioner's statement makes us laugh:

"Certainly we welcome anybody here. We reserve the right to make a decision on deploying our resources to protect New York City. So I don't know about any sort of joint announcement. But we certainly welcome communication with Homeland Security - we need a strong relationship."

In other words, "Homeland Security rep, you're frozen out before you get here - we do it OUR way."

The two federal employees who told their friends and family about the possible subway terror threat are being stalked by the Daily News. And remember that Secretary Chertoff doesn't really care about us.