Given that Mayor Michael Bloomberg's victory had been predicted for a few weeks, Gothamist would have thought that the NY Post might have put a little more thought into its post-election cover. But, instead, it's a poorly Photoshopped (as is keeping with the Post's tradition) and terrible that it could be an instant classic - we'll need to sit with this one.

Anyway, the billiionaire mayor was reelected resoundingly, beating opponent Fernando Ferrer by almost 20 percentage points (the Daily News says that "If Bloomberg's 19.8-point margin holds, it would beat LaGuardia's 19.7-point spread in 1937, the Republican record," while it definitely beats Rudy Giuliani's 1997 17.3 percentage point win over Ruth Messinger). All the coverage points to how the the Democrats are now locked out of City Hall for sixteen years (the longest Republican tenure, the Post confirms) and how voters really sparked to Bloomberg's accomplishments in office, with hope that he would really do more. Ferrer conceded around 10PM, calling Mayor B, who said, "Thanks, Freddy. You're a gentleman to call."

The Observer says the Bloomberg mayoralty "may be the most powerful" in New York City history. The Daily News' Michael Goodwin thinks the Mayor could have "truly great" in him. The Times looks at how the Mayor will broaden his agenda ("ground zero development, building up Governors Island and pursuing the city's largest low- and middle-income housing program ever"). And there's post-game analysis of what Ferrer did from the Times and Post.

And some fun facts: Looking at the returns by boroughs from the Times, Ferrer won the Bronx, 59% to 39%, while Mayor Bloomberg won all other boroughs: Staten Island 77% (Ferrer got 19%), Brooklyn 58% (39%), Manhattan 61% (36%), and Queens 64% (35%).