Two years ago, we wondered if there was a big list of all the fountains in New York City. We haven't made that much progress with the list, but at least now we have a list of the "display fountains" the Parks Department maintains. And it's interesting - Brooklyn only has three while Staten Island has eight. Of course, there are many fountains outside of the Parks Department's jurisdiction (for instance, the fountain outside the Brooklyn Museum), so if you can help remind us of others in the comments, that would be great.

And this lovely photograph of Bethesda Fountain is from ~Raymond on Flickr.

Display Fountains in NYC Parks
Joyce Kilmer Park, 161 Street and Grand Concourse
Macombs Dam Park, 161 Street and Jerome Avenue
Rock Garden Park, Longfellow Avenue bet. 174th and 173rd Avenues
Van Cortlandt Golf Course, off VC Park South and the Major Deegan Expressway

Borough Hall-Columbus Park
Bailey Fountain at the Grand Army Plaza
Amersfort Park

Battery Park
Bowling Green
City Hall
Foley Square
Jackson Sq.

Washington Sq.
Tompkins Sq. - Slocum Memorial
Madison Sq. - Reflecting Pool
Madison Sq. - (Multi-tiered)
Union Sq. - Gandhi
Union Sq. - Mother & Child
Dag Hammarskjold
Stuyvesant Sq. E.
Stuyvesant Sq. W.
Lincoln Center Josie Robertson Pl.
Straus Park Memorial
Morningside Park Waterfall
Jackie Robinson Hooper
Central Park - Bethesda
Central Park - Cherry Hill
Central Park - Maine Monument
Central Park - Pulitzer
Central Park - Columbus Circle
Central Park - Cons. Garden
Riverside Park - Hamilton (Eagle)
Riverside Park - Fireman's Memorial

Court Square in district 2 on Jackson Avenue
Bowne Lake in Flushing on 32 Ave and 256 Street
Zoo Fountain in FMCP south of Zoo
Hall of Science in FMCP east of Hall of Science
Fountain of Fairs

Staten Island
Bono Beach
Dolphin Fountain at South Beach
Silver Lake North and South (2 fountains)
Fr. Macris
Clove Lakes aerators 1 & 2 (2 fountains)
High Rock Park Frog at the Nature Center.