2007_01_bloodshortage.jpgYesterday, there were a few articles about the metropolitan area's blood shortage. Today, We got an email from the New York Blood Center explaining how serious a problem this is:

NYC is experiencing one of its worst blood shortages ever. Currently we have less than a 2 day supply of 0- and B- blood and other types are not looking much better. The New York Blood Center, which distributes blood to almost all hospitals in the metropolitan area, is beginning to ration certain blood types and some hospitals forecast that they will have to cancel non-essential surgeries if there is not an increase in donations.

If you would like to donate please go to our web site www.nybloodcenter.org or call 1-800-933-blood to find a location to donate. If you would like to organize a blood drive with your business, school, church, synagogue, mosque, etc. please do so.

Donating blood is an easy and safe thing to do. The whole donation process takes 30 minutes and we normally give you a little gift and some juice and cookies at the end. Most importantly, donations save up to 5 lives and help patients with cancer, sickle cell, accident victims, transplant recipients, and other ailments. Each day we need almost 2,000 pints of blood to meet the needs of our patients. Without your help this can not be achieved.

Here's a list of blood donation locations.